About Us


In 2010, The Green Fork was founded in New Orleans by siblings Stephanie Kern and Trey Buerger. With a genuine motivation to bring healthy goodness to New Orleans, this brother and sister team with creative culinary skills from southern roots aimed to fill a niche of grab-and-go health food. Starting with a home kitchen, the business grew organically with the love and hard work of each and every family member.
This is when Blair, Stephanie's son and now Houston owner, started his training and where he found his passion for serving others. With excitement and commitment, Blair brought his family business to Houston, Texas in 2018. The Green Fork & Straw opened and each family member gathered in Houston to welcome and serve the freshest juices, smoothies, and meals that meet all dietary needs.
Options consist of vegan, gluten-free, paleo-friendly soups, salads, and entrees are prepared daily in small batches made with love along with a fresh juice and blending bar. Raw options are also available.
We continue to bloom with thought and commitment to mother earth and each other as we strive to serve the freshest, healthiest food in the Houston and New Orleans area.